Don Cortez,
the good coffee

Dense and persistent creaminess,
full body and fragrant aroma:
it is pure pleasure.

Taste starts here

Grandi Arabica Specialty Tin

Caffè Don Cortez thought this Gourmet blend for the most demanding and refined professionals, that will make it express all its wonderful features of compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and floral aroma, sweetness and liquer-like. In this 3 kg tin, the blend was further refined by adding to these qualities an even more full-bodied and smooth taste. Low caffeine content.

Black Blend 1000g

The Black Blend are packed with harmonious flavours thanks to a perfect pairing of Arabica and Robusta beans, which are carefully selected to achieve the desired results. The process is completed by roasting each of the varieties for the ideal amount of time before blending them. In the cup, this translates into an intense aroma and a delightfully long aftertaste.

Gold Blend 1000g

The Gold Blend is composed of five Arabica qualities and three Robusta ones selected batch by batch. Featuring medium roasting and low caffeine content, this blend has wonderful properties of compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma, rich and velvety flavour.

White Blend 1000g

The White Blend contains seven highly select varieties of Arabica coffee. There are hints of jasmine and rose petals in its fragrant, floral aroma, while the flavour is full, with prominent sweet notes. It has a long, delicate aftertaste. The Arabica coffee beans used have a low caffeine content, so it can comfortably be enjoyed several times a day.

That's aroma

Technology and tradition

The Don Cortez compatible capsules are the perfect combination of roasting techniques honed over decades, and the latest technologies in espresso capsules

Only selected beans

Only the best coffee origins are chosen for the Don Cortez blends. A path that allows you to enjoy a higher quality coffee.

Ad hoc grinding

Grinding designed to make the perfect coffee extraction. The capsule preserves the aroma, which is released at the right moment.

A creamy espresso

A compact cream, persistent, with hazelnut color. A round and tasty coffee, just like at the bar.