You can be sure that you offer your customers great products when choosing Caffè Don Cortez.

For years now, with the professionalism and years of experience, the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are selected from the world market and blended in unique blends for the HO | RE | CA industry.

You will also find a wide range of other equipment and accessories for your business.

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Pristine lands, select plantations, slow roasting and 90 years of experience come together in the exceptional flavour of Don Cortez coffee.

For us, coffee means both tradition and innovation. Our company has been on a quest for quality since 1927. We combine the culture and taste of great master roasters with cutting-edge production technology. The resulting coffee is an absolute delight to savour, with an aroma that gets more and more refined with every harvest, year after year. Caffè Don Cortez is built on all of this.
However, there are more than just slogans to this “taste” approach. For us, quality means daily routine, work and selection. Selection of the best origins for supplies of ingredients, selection of blends, selection of coffee processing methods and selection of partners.
An enthusiastic approach to work, knowing that you do it well and constantly striving to improve. These are the values that have made Caffè Don Cortez into the successful coffee roasting company that it is today.

Our growth, bean after bean, year after year.

In his grocer’s store in Schio (near Vicenza), Gaetano Carraro started selling a few types of green coffee beans for customers to roast in their fireplaces at home.

On Via Venezia, his son Mario created the first workshop for roasting and packaging coffee on an industrial scale.

The company stayed in Schio but moved to a new factory on Via SS. Trinità.
Output: 120 tonnes/year

Caffè Carraro stood out thanks to its innovative approach: it was one of the first companies to introduce tinned and vacuum-packed coffee.
Output: 200 tonnes/year

A new business structure and organizational approach laid the foundations for the launch of the company on the national scene.
Output: 270 tonnes/year

Caffè Carraro rode the wave of the first discount stores in Italy by supplying the country’s leading chains.
Output: 1,400 tonnes/year

A large new plant was opened in the new Schio Industrial Estate, with an annual production capacity of 8,000 tonnes of roasted coffee. It featured cutting-edge technology and systems, as well as processing methods designed to keep up the EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY that had been resolutely pursued and achieved over the years.
Output: 1,800 tonnes/year

Carraro Espresso was becoming increasingly renowned for its quality both in Italy and internationally.
Output: 4,000 tonnes/year

An international sales network spanning more than 50 countries worldwide was developed.
Output: 5,000 tonnes/year

The Schio plant was expanded, with the addition of a new warehouse of approximately 1000 m².
Output: 6,200 tonnes/year

New production and packaging plant. The new expansion took the overall production capacity to more than 16,000 tonnes/year.

Opening of the second production plant in Schio, on Via Lago di Molveno.